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The complete photo ID system solution for your business

  • Do you need to produce up to 5000 ID cards or identification badges per year?
  • Do you need photo ID cards and identification badges regularly and upon request?
  • Do you want the flexibility to produce single or double sided ID cards?
  • Do you want to save money on identification badges and company ID cards?
  • Are you concerned about the security if your current ID badge production practices?

If you answered yes to the above questions, it’s time you invested in a Magicard Enduro Printer. Easy, flexible and affordable, enjoy a technologically advanced ID card printer that has had three years of development behind it. With a two year warranty, as well as a high level of after-sale support, our photo ID system will make your job that much more efficient. Our machines provide you with the flexibility in creating staff cards for your employees and it can even help create membership cards for your loyal customers.

The Magicard Photo ID system – affordable superior technology

Identification badges are one of the first visible connections with an organization that outsiders will see. Producing your own ID cards saves time and money, as well as gives you a professional edge. Don’t rely on an outsourced company who doesn’t prioritise your needs – Magicard allows you to create photo ID cards when and where you like, to your desired specifications and at a fraction of the cost of repeated outsourcing.

We understand that your ID badges and cards need to be professional, unique and versatile. With the Magicard Enduro, you get all of that at a great price. The general photo ID card you produce will be professional and constantly adaptable, offering anti-counterfeiting solutions, double sided print options, and guaranteed full bleed across the card with true colours.

More than a ‘do-it-yourself’ ID card printer

The Magicard range offers you a complete ID card management solution. Apart from a wide choice of printers, The Magicard range can produce everything you need like card blanks, card holders, retractable lanyards, clips, straps, and punches. With Magicard, you have a Photo ID system at your finger-tips that step up to full colour photo images, factory-fitted magnetic security and other security devices including hologram over-prints.

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